Colored Pencil Portrait Drawings on Fine Art America

Radio Head #11 - colored pencil portrait drawing

Radio Head #11 - colored pencil portrait drawing

I am just getting started with Fine Art America, and I find they have, like, a gazillion ways for artists to promote themselves, and one of these is through sponsored pages, so I thought I would give this a try.

Sponsored Pages on Fine Art America

The premise is very simple really. First you do a search on Fine Art America. For this particular offering, I am doing a search for the term, "colored pencil portrait drawings." The search brings up a page of 1-36 of 1947 art pieces that have been tagged as colored pencil portrait drawings. I look down the page and I see this:

That tells me that no one else has sponsored this page, so that is what I am going to do. I click the sponsor this page link, and it pops open a box that gives me a line of code that will render up to look like this:   Colored pencil portrait drawings

I need to put this into my website, blog, whatever, and send them the link to the page where it is posted. It can't be Facebook, and it can't be on a password protected page; it has to be somewhere public. Then they verify the link, and you automatically get your items that are tagged correspondingly, in this case "colored pencil portrait drawings" in spaces 9-12 on this page. Seems easy enough, so I am giving it a try, and I will check back with you to let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: Fine Art America
July 5, 2018

OK, well, after a year, I decided Fine Art America was not worth the effort. A year in, and I sold nothing. No prints, no yoga mats, no coffee mugs. So I pulled all my images and closed shop. You live and learn, I suppose.