I am an Artist. I have a Life.

A Message to Artist Moms

I am an artist with a whole lot of obligations, and I have something on my mind that's especially relevant for busy mom artists.

Recently, I signed up to get the book and a lot of subsequent videos from a well known motivational speaker that is supposed to help me with motivation, not that I really need all that much help. He sounded interesting, though, so I spent $7 on his book.

Apparently, this guy has no real life. He espouses a way of life that's all about him. He gets up, has his morning rituals, his work rituals, his evening rituals, etc. and if the rest of the world doesn't like it, too bad for them. He obviously has no obligations to small children, aging parents, sick partners, or needy pets, and he makes it sound like if you don't forsake all others and require them to bend to your needs only, then you might be a loser.

Yeah, I've been told that before. 

You Are Not a Loser

Betty,, a collaged block print by Natalie Schorr

Betty,, a collaged block print by Natalie Schorr

The point I want to make here is that you are not a loser just because you have obligations. Maybe you only get one art piece done per month. Maybe, during that month when the kids got chicken pox, not concurrently because heaven forbid you should have that luxury, maybe you don't get anything done. I want you to know that's OK. You still get to be part of the artist's club.

Find Joy in Today

Creativity can be applied to so much of life, even if you aren't actively making art today, this week, this month. I think the trick is to find joy in the moments of creativity you can weave into the everyday. So carve a smiley face into your kid's grilled cheese sandwich, wear unmatched socks, and arrange a centerpiece on the dining table out of weeds and sticks. Art will be there when you find the time, and it doesn't diminish you if it doesn't happen today.