Selling Instant Digital Downloads on Etsy

My Etsy Love Affair

I have had this sort of love/hate relationship with Etsy for many years. I was never very successful at selling original art there, and years ago when they started selling other things besides just art, I felt like my work just kind of got lost in it all. I would get fed up and cancel all my listings, and six months later give it another try, only to get my heart broken once more.

However, I am rethinking my Etsy relationship once again in a new light. When I was [trying] to sell original works on Etsy, there was the constant pressure of having work available, and the whole shipping and postage calculation and did I have a box the right size, blah, blah, blah. It was just too much to deal with while also dealing with kids and a sick husband and a couple of jobs. But things are different now.

Etsy now has a strong digital presence, and I'm going to embrace that. The beauty in selling digital downloadable art is that, like the rotisserie oven the size of a microbus that my father gave me years ago, you just "set it and forget it." 

I know what you're thinking. As an artist, I'm supposed to lovingly create work with my whole heart and soul poured into every pencil stroke, waiting to find that special person with deep pockets who will take it home and love and treasure it forever and ever and pass it on in their will to their children who will love it and hang it in a special place that reminds them of that loving parent every single day...

Banana on a Yellow Plate, ready for that Michael's frame

Banana on a Yellow Plate, ready for that Michael's frame

Never gonna happen.

My suspicion is that people today would vastly prefer to purchase that instant download of the banana on the yellow plate, print it on their home printer, and pop it into the square frame they got from Michael's last fall that currently displays some autumn leaves picture they are already tired of and are ready to change out. And since they can, why not? And if that's what they are going to do, why not embrace that?

Just sayin.

So I am once again going to dip my toes into the Etsy pool, as I start to convert old works into easy, digital products. And like the rotisserie oven of bygone days, I will just set it and forget it. At least for now.

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