A Study After Van der Weyden

I needed some art therapy recently, so I embarked on a little self portrait. I had found an old ledger from a general store while perusing eBay last year. Miraculously, I won the auction for it.

Natalie Schorr - Self Portrait after van der Weyden

Natalie Schorr - Self Portrait after van der Weyden

The book mostly covers the 1850s to 1870s, and it details all kinds of sales, rents, and wages, all hand written in what is probably a walnut based ink. I think it's very cool, but I think most things that have a bunch of old handwriting in them are cool.

Awhile back I tool the book apart, tediously extracting the folded signatures, leaving me with double pages with some small holes down the middle. Like I care.

I had been ruminating on what to do with all these wonderful and unique pages, so I decided to just dive in to one with this piece, and see where that would lead.

I wanted to try to do a piece inspired by another artist's work. I've always loved old portraits, Dutch masters especially. I found a great portrait by van der Weyden that featured a woman in a fantastic, sculptural headpiece. I did a little Photoshop, substituting my face for the woman in the painting. and then I started drawing.

I laid out my portrait in pencil on one of the old ledger pieces, and used colored pencils to flesh it out.  I'm rather more fond of blues and greens personally, especially for myself, but I felt like it had been a red day.

Colored Pencils I Use