Illustration Friday: Old

I like drawing portraits, but I also like drawing hands and ears. There is a particular uniqueness to each that I find fascinating. Older people, of which I am rapidly becoming a member, have much more interesting features than children.

I offered to draw portraits of my parents several years ago. They were aghast, and immediately declined the offer. I was both surprised and not. I don't know if they thought I would draw them with three heads and five eyes or what. Not everyone wants a portrait, or should I say that not everyone wants to see themselves.

Old hand

Old hand

A few years later, I did manage to get my mother to let me photograph her hands, and I did his drawing of her right hand.

I used a fairly rough and uneven textured handmade Indian paper for this piece, along with a drafting pencil with a very soft lead. 

I was pretty pleased with the result. Mom, not so much.