Sakura Micron Pigma Drawing Pen Review

I draw small. Almost all my work is very intimate in size and genre. Because my works are small, I need a very fine drawing pen to keep from overwhelming the drawing. The Sakura Micron Pigma ink pen is the perfect artists pen for my pen and ink portrait drawings.

Portrait of  man in profile with Micron Pigma pens

I did this small portrait drawing on a page from an old music book from the 1920s. I used a Micron Pigma .005 drawing pen. The .005 gave a proportionally good line when drawn over the music. The ink has good depth, and there is no blobbing while you draw. Line quality is also very consistent. 

Yeah, blobbing is a very technical term. But you know what I mean.

Close up

Close up

When working with a very fine pen, it is better to use very short strokes. This keeps the ink flowing. By working with short strokes overlapping in many directions, I can get nice intensity gradients.

Virtually any pen can be worked well when you fit the size of the pen stroke width with the overall size of the drawing. Sakura Micron Pigma pens come in a variety of widths; one is perfect for most drawing projects.