On the Street Where We Live: Exotic

On the Street Where We Live: Exotic Natalie Schorr 2019

On the Street Where We Live: Exotic
Natalie Schorr 2019

I did a residency in February at the Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop. I had carefully planned to work on a series of large drypoints of scenes from Rust Belt cities. I shipped out completed plates and a lot of paper, and printed like a fiend the whole week. Then I came home and ruminated on them.

I had sort of planned to do them as street scenes with collage and acrylics, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Then, in the middle of the night, as is so often the case, I began to have a much clearer picture of where I wanted to go with them.

I want to talk about community. Who lives in your community? Not just in the buildings around you, but your community of people with whom you are connected, maybe through your job or your church or your shared experiences. How does your community change? Is it stable or fluid and changing?

This is the first piece in this series, and I worked through a number of things as I was working on it. The parquet deformation is symbolic of change and metamorphosis, and the drypoint if the buildings is sort of a point of reference for the street, the connection that holds us together. The woman is a member of the community, and she holds something symbolic of a characteristic that describes her. In this case, it is an exotic dragon fruit.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this series goes.