OOTD - A New Project


So I was in church yesterday, contemplating how my life is going, or how it isn’t going depending on whether you are talking to God or to me. At any rate, the minister was saying something about throwing nets out on the other side of the boat, so I got to thinking on that. Maybe I need to take a break and throw my nets out on the other side of the boat, metaphorically. What would that look like exactly?

Luckily for me we had lunch with friends who brought along another gal who tried very hard to exclude me from any conversation, as I was not going to be of any help to her in her life, so it gave me extra rumination time, not to mention symbolic grass upon which to chew. Some people are just all about appearances, which turned out to be the theme of the day.

Along with the nets.

Which got me to thinking, what was square one for me? What was the thing I thought I wanted to do before a couple of bitter professors literally beat all the joy of it out of me? Costume design. All about appearances, right?

Aside from the sewing I do for myself, I haven’t done anything costume related in decades. and I do like fashion, which is another story. So I thought I would do a few “outfits of the day” [ootd] just for kicks. I might do more than a few.

Anyway, here is my first ootd for May 6, 2019. More to come on this.