OOTD - May 8, 2019

As they say on Monty Python, “And now for something completely different.”

May 8 2019 smaller.jpg

I happened upon some really exceptionally bright lime green paper at Hobby Lobby while I was there to get a Micron Pigma .005 pen, not that you really care. Anyway, I got a sheet of it and quickly realized upon bringing it home that it would be more of a challenge to work with than I thought.

Apparently, not everything goes with lime.

I am now committed, in as much as I commit to anything, to doing these fun little ootd collages. They provide a nice relief from the more serious art that no one will ever buy. Instead, I am making quick art that no one will ever buy. Go figure.

So I spent some time with the May 1960 edition of McCall’s Magazine [I’m really behind on my reading] and came up with this fun little outfit. The jacket is made from a Hellman’s mayonnaise ad that called for making an “aquarium” from cut and shaped vegetables layered in lightly tinted clear aspic, as if no one in 1960 had anything better to do with their time. Then you were to slather it in mayonnaise and eat it I suppose. Mayonnaise was apparently very popular back then.

She sports some thigh high boots, a pink gingham plaid skirt, and some outrageous green sunglasses that did not come from McCall’s. Tomorrow will bring the other half of the lime green paper, and that will be the end of that, for awhile at least.