Letterpress Business Cards

I recently took a Letterpress class over at the Atlanta Printmakers Studio. I had never had an opportunity to do any letterpress work, and it was interesting to try out setting type. Let me say, that's incredibly tedious work! I have a much greater appreciation for those old books I cut up so often when making my mixed media work.

The much easier way, as I found out in the class, is to have a polymer plate made, and after setting a little type, I quickly concluded that it was the right way to go for my final project. We used Boxcar Press to make our plates, and we were all pleased with the results.

Letterpress business cards in two colors

Letterpress business cards in two colors

I could go into a long explanation of how to prepare files, etc., but I'll save that for another post. Basically, however, I set up a file for an 8.5"x 11" plate that would print 8 different business cards in 3 different sizes that could easily be cut apart. Then I had a second plate made that I used for printing the red line of text, which was printed overtop of the black.

I decided to print the cards mostly on chipboard, which I use for lots of other projects as well. On top of the chipboard, I collaged many of the sheets with scraps of paper, along with some white colored pencil and thinned white acrylic paint. While I didn't try to plan out where things would fall, I still got some very cool and unique results.

I laminated other papers onto the backs of some of the cards using 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive prior to cutting them out. Once all the cards were cut, I used a rubber stamp I had made at RubberStamps.net to add an additional email address on the back.

Both Boxcar Press and RubberStamps.net delivered great products with a fast turnaround, and because I own the plates, I don't have to reset the type every time I decide to print more.