Printmaking for a Cause

The Families Belong Together Rally

I have been visiting churches in the area, and happened to visit a congregation of slightly radical Episcopalians on the Sunday before the Families Belong Together Rally. They were already carpooling, so I asked if I could just tag along. 

Since I had all week to mull over what sort of sign I would bring (it's a rally; you know you have to bring a sign), I finally decided to whip up a design that could be quickly cut from an EZ Cut Block. Initially, I had 4 colors and three blocks with green and gold and grey and black and chained link... a really over the top design. In the end, I liked my much more pared down design much better.

Me at the Families Belong Together Rally in Atlanta

Me at the Families Belong Together Rally in Atlanta

I was able to print up a bunch on ledger paper as well as on an old Spanish language text book. Then I ripped them up and collaged them back together. I made 15 signs, which I gave away at the rally. I was pretty pleased with the result.

If you've never tried an EZ Cut Block, imagine you had a large, white rubber eraser that you were cutting up instead of a sheet of linoleum or a block of wood. The eraser-like texture cuts really quickly and easily, making blocks without too terribly much fine detail a breeze to whip out. 

Although they are too soft to be run through a press, they are easily printed by hand with a baren or large spoon, and can also be cut to any size or shape you like. And unless you cut just crazy deep, you should be able to cut both sides, essentially giving you two printing blocks for the price of one.


E-Z Cut Blocks

Printing Barens