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Drawing is an underappreciated art form. People think it just flows off your pencil in a matter of a few minutes.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Drawings, like any other exacting piece of art, are the product of literally thousands of small decisions that begin with the choice of materials and follow through all aspects of the work from the direction of your strokes to the point of your pencil. 

Printmaking often comes off as something rigid and defined, but it doesn't have to be. 

Printmaking is a great way to examine repeating imagines, either unto themselves, or as an element of something else, like a mixed media piece. 

Prints can be torn apart and reassembled, printed in a variety of colors, layered, and otherwise deconstructed. 

Printmaking is an excellent way to fail forward.

Iconography, in the traditional sense, follows very rigid formulas for color and proportion, and is part of a visual language that that was understood well centuries ago, but is lost on most people now.

My work in iconography seeks to reclaim that visual language in a contemporary form. Using the identifiers of old, I play with very common materials and real people, just as the saints were real people, embracing their stories, rich in visual imagery and occasional improbability for a modern examination of faith.

Mixed media is transformative; it's like using all of your brain to do art calisthenics. In a perfect moment, it brings together all your skills to create something that no one skill or medium could possibly express.

I have had long discussions with people over whether or not Photography is an art form. Whatever your beliefs on this subject, the practice of photography is a great way to study and reexamine composition at its core. 

With the invention of digital cameras, it is now possible, both practically and economically, to play with a variety of compositions, croppings, and proportions. Feeling visually stuck? Is all your work looking the same? Try breaking out your camera to get a new perspective.


Art is my business, and since I have yet to find a winning lottery ticket on the street, I have to treat it as a business. That means diversifying the outlets carrying my work as well as the type of work I do sometimes. 

As Sondheim writes in "Sunday in the Park With George," Art isn't easy. But there are worse things you could be doing.

Girl in a Beaded Hat

Girl in a Beaded Hat

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Library People 146

Library People 146

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